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Good morning and welcome to a new article. We are once again in Italy. This time we are in Pisa, which is one of the most famous destinations in the world. Birthplace of Galileo Galilei, Leonardo Fibonacci and Pisanello. Beyond touristic destination it’s also a city of students and it’s active day and night. To see the locals you have to go out from Piazza dei Miracoli and walk around the city.

View from the garden of Museo dell’Opera del Duomo

But let’s stay in Piazza de Miracolli and see what you will be able to admire when you are here. Most attractions are here concentrated in this beautiful spacious and charming square. The famous tower is located here and you can get inside  walk up the stairs and join the top, from where you will be able to take beautiful pictures. I am giving you the link to the official site  where you will be able to book tickets for all attractions of Pisa in combinations and above all at a favorable price.

Photography by Kyriakos.


The Duomo is also a World Heritage Site. Its architecture and the white marble used are of admirable beauty. The camposanto, a cemetery where various locals are buried, is located in the ruins of the old baptistery of the Santa Reparata church. The baptistery of San Giovanni is the largest in Italy. Finally, you will be able to visit the Museo del’Opera del Duomo, where from the garden you will be able to admire the Leaning Tower of Pisa. For all of the above, you can buy a combined ticket from the site I have provided you the link.

But it is also worth walking outside the square. And what better than the ZonzoFox application as I told you in the previous article, which Kyriakos used during our trip. In addition to the application, do not forget to ask the receptionists in case you are staying in a hotel, or search the internet for blogs that recommend hangouts or places in the city where locals go. On your way outside the famous square you will be able to see the church of Santa Maria della Spina. But what really impressed me?

Pisa is a beautiful city in which we stayed for an afternoon and an evening and left the next morning. So I didn’t fully discover it. But I did see things I liked. It is a touristic destination and you will definitely see a lot of tourists (depending on the season you visit) but thanks to the site I shared with you in this article, you may buy the tickets before you come to Pisa and avoid the huge queues. If you go outside the piazza dei Miracoli, you will see the Pisa of the locals. What I mean; You will see the places where they go and the squares with beautiful shops of the Pisans, which surely if you are here on a weekend will be full of life. In short, two full days are worth it. One for sightseeing and a more relaxed one where you will be able to walk around the city and try some of its restaurants. I leave you as usual with a gallery. Click on the gallery to view the photos in full size.


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